About us

About us

History with 500 delegates, 200,000 supporters and 300,000 nonprofiters throughout the country,The Greatest Non-Governmental Charity Falls of Atefeha
 during the holy month of Ramadan 1380 solar registration number 2310 And the license number 156887/83/8/1 in order to enhance the practical life of 
the Imam Ali Imam Ali (AS) and With special attention to Hazrat-e Vali A'zar (aj) And with the support of Imam Hazrat Allah, but the blessings of
 Imam Sa'mn al-Hajj'Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (AS) were established by some of the righteous people.
From the very beginning of this activity, the charity has been working on a specialist perspective and expert studies and a research approach
 to social and cultural issues to provide the groundwork for serving the deprived people of the community, which Alhmadullah has had so far
 been successful in this regard. Which has changed and expanded at the provincial level.
The number of active.
 branches in the province is 40 branches.
Branches in the city of Isfahan in the fields of treatment,Dowry, Itabam and Sadat, public affairs of the needy, writing supplies and educational
 expenses, food baskets, housing allowances, etc.


The city's branches also include:
The cities of Najaf-Abad, Kashan, Semirom, Fereydoun Shahr, Shahin Shahr, Khourbybankanak, Boyin and Miandasht, Frieden, Wazwan, Shahreza, Tiran, Nayin,
 Aran Beyedgol, Khomeini City, Zarin Shahr, Harand, Mobarakeh These services are provided to families in need and without caregivers, including orphans, 
disabled people, sickly patients, unemployed, female households,Sadat and the families of prisoners of unintentional crimes and bad guys Considered to be.

Charity Falls Atefeh Falls

What is the charity of Atefeha Waterfall?
  1. Public Participation Unit
    People's Participation Unit The most important place in charity The word of revelation also refers to popular contributions That the benefactors,
    Atonement, gratuitousness, khums, zakat, charity and hatreds such as food, consolation, sacrifice, sacrifices, endeavor to obtain the satisfaction
     of the transcendence and saving the rest That This unit is responsible for attracting and recruiting charitable donations to solve the problems and
     unbundling of the disadvantaged.
  2. Work unit

    (… Labor Department Identifies eligible clients Itham, Sadat, divorced and unmarried women Disadvantaged, disabled, families of prisoners and sick patients

    Research and file, counseling about family needs, family harm assessment, priority setting for services and entrepreneurship،Ordering permission to support and issue a Family Skill Assessment Booklet

  3. Health Unit
    The health unit is one of the most important problems of poorly diagnosed illiterate patients 
    who suffer from a lot of health problems that deal with the supply of drugs and admissions or
     surgical operations. Therefore, the unit is advised and contracted The contract has interacted
     with public hospitals, private clinics and pharmacies, and good practitioners and medical
     indicators to help them reduce costs for patients to afford them.The support unit supports the
     non-cash needs of protected families, such as the basket of goods (household appliances,
     stationery, clothing and distribution of popular vows, donor registration, registration of
     charitable needs, etc.). The accounting unit is responsible for the trusteeship of the property
     of the Muslim community. It is in line with the vow and the will of the charity to pay the funds
     to fund the pensions of protected families.By issuing bills and receipts, and registering funds
     in financial offices in accordance with the rules of the Shari'a.
  4. Department of Public Relations and Cultural Affairs
    This unit deals with cultural affairs in order to promote the level of family culture, which strives to 
    plan and use the university professors and universities and inform the community through modern methods
     in various dimensions, as well as to measure public opinion about Charity affairs and empowerment 
  5. education Department
    In order to promote the level of religion, science, technology, empowerment, sports, and acquisition of 
    skills in order to attain the goals set forth, such as verdicts, Qur'an, ethics, beliefs, Imamism, family
     consolidation, counseling, sports, occupational skills , Academic affairs, identification of brilliant 
    talents. This unit also trains personnel of the branches of the city of Isfahan.
  6. Loan unit
    Al-Hassaneh Al-Qaeda Al-Hassane unit is essentially a majority of households for working capital, housing
     construction or marriage of children, which are the three main factors of needy. This unit is referred to
     and requested by the Borrower of the Hassanah. This unit is consulted by the benefactors and benefactors 
    who are willing to lend a loan to the borrower. To provide this loan to be totally Islamicized against
     God's revelation verses from God's servants.
  7. Dowry unit
    The main problem in the high-income families is the lack of dowry funding due to lack of financial
     resources, which has led to an increase in the age of marriage. By identifying the able-bodied people to
     meet the needs of young people, they are providing dowry and A marriage ceremony will take place to 
    strengthen the foundation of the family.

Thinking a little, read together

And this is God's promise: Mint will be green everywhere Little by little,
 it will not be diminished.Forgiveness and worm like Chinese mint, do not
 be afraid to replace it, Fills up.
انفقتم من شيء فهويخلفه و هو خير الرازقين
The more you spend on the right of opportunity, he will change you and he
 will be the best. (Saba / 39)

Managing honorable charity of Atefeh Falls in Isfahan Province

Mrs. Shirani Najvani
4000Service personnel
500Active branches
33000Sponsor’s Characters

History and Charity Records

شمسی 1380

Registration NGO charity Abshare Atefeha in 2000

February, 2015
Establishment of Abshar Atefeh  Charity Branch in Isfahan Province
March, 2015
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May, 2012
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March, 2010
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The comments of the Imam Ali on the charity of the Atefeh Falls

Reviewing the views of the Great references are imitated