29 تیر, 1398

Entry of two nationalities for the registration of charities

According to the social media news agency Tsennim ; Charitable organizations and associations supporting people in need of their activities should obtain the necessary permissions from the organizations and organizations involved; Organizations such as the Welfare Organization, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Rescue Committee are responsible for licensing.

In fact, charities mean that nonprofit institutions and associations are generic and non-political Established by individuals or legal entities In the field of providing social services to people, families in need and female carers, street children, bad guards, social welfare victims, etc., An entity that does not have the permission of the listed organizations can not continue its activities.

Charitable institutions have different types, which include non-governmental organizations, which are non-political and non-profit, non-profit, nonprofit organizationsSecond, profit-oriented non-profit institutions that are referred to as institutions aiming at profitability among members And third non-profit nonprofit NGOs are institutions seeking profitability for the community.

In fact, charities play an important role in improving the quality of life of vulnerable populations and, moreover, in the lives of communities. One of the benefits of this is the lack of official formalities governing government organizations in these institutions

Some benevolent institutions employ specialized social workers in areas such as childless and inferior children, as well as unmarried women, but in the past years, some people have been pursuing their personal interests on the pretext of protecting those in need. .

Some of the problems that have been highlighted by authorities in supportive institutions such as the Welfare and Relief Committee in recent years are the illegal activities of some people who are known as the Liberals, because they are in cyberspace and in some cases in areas of the country In particular, deprived areas are assisting in collecting, while there is no oversight on the collection and costing process, including the occurrence of events such as the Kermanshah earthquake

The ambiguity in the process of collecting and how to spend the popular support from the liberals was something that even regulatory, law enforcement, and judicial agencies also entered and accounted for.

Hojjatoleslam Seyed Javad Hosseini Kia, a representative of the Sangrokkili people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, called for the entry of a judiciary into the issue of blocked aid to the earthquake victims on the account of Selburi

He added that billions of tens of dollars have been deposited by some people in the hands of some faces to help earthquake survivors, who, unfortunately, have some of them even a rial of this They did not spend money on the earthquake, and some only spent a small amount of this money on the victims.

The representative of the Sangrokkili people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly said: The judiciary has entered this issue and closed accounts of some of these volunteers and it is necessary for the judiciary to enter this issue and present a report to the people to give the people this Make faces better.

Hojatoleslam Hosseini Kia said: “The librists have not yet reported on the cost of providing relief to the earthquake-stricken westerners of the country, so they need to clearly report to the people they trust about their costs in these areas.

Of course this is not the end, because some people also used popular feelings And even during the flood at the beginning of the year, they were still collecting significant amounts of aid for flood victims.There are also ambiguities in this section, but one of the edges of these days is the entry of two nationalities to obtain charities. According to Mohammad Ali Kozhegar, former deputy head of the public welfare parliaments of the country, they can not be licensed in this .regard according to the law

According to him, the conditions for the establishment of benevolent and nonprofit institutions are the citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran – having the scientific, technical and technical competence of the members of the board of directors and the managing director before obtaining the license, the managing director of the organization must have at least a diploma and at least two A person with a Bachelor’s Degree associated with the activity of the Institute in the .Board of Directors

According to Tsenim, it is expected that the responsible authorities will have more oversight on the request of some dualistic individuals to obtain a charity work permit because, with the entry of such individuals in the establishment of charities and charitable organizations, in addition to reducing public confidence, issuing activity licenses to these individuals It is a question and a question.

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