26 تیر, 1398

Google has made it easier for charities to help

Google recently announced that the Google Assist Smart Assistant will add a new feature to its platform.In this way, users can only donate and cash out charitable organizations by sending an audio command

These days, the audio and smart speakers have enjoyed a great deal of popularity, according to ISNA..It seams Adding functionality and new features is expected to become one of the best and most popular devices in the world

Google has just announced Which includes speaker users and smart voice assistant Google Assist is being developed on many electronic devices It is powered by Google, such as Android smartphones and smartphones Is accessible,They will be able to send a voice command to the charity organizations that work with Google Donate and cash In this way, they will participate in humanitarian and charitable actions

According to the phonearena website Users and lovers need to use this new feature Initially, activate the settings for Google Payments

to be able Found affiliates and partners with Google And if you want to pay their money to their account

Still, the exact time for the release and release of this new feature is determined by Googl And not announced But it seems Which is coming soon for Android phone users Android version 5 and other smart speakers will be available and use

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