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Supply and restoration of housing for the needy

Reviewing the views of the Great Imams

The comments of the Imam Ali on the charity of the Atefeh Falls

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Your cash and non-cash support

You are here to stay for a childhood smile

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    The collection of monthly subscriptions, with any amount and amount, is a reliable and stable source of income for the cascade of emotions..

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    The waterfall cascades of emotions

    Thank you for asking if you want to have one of the waterfall cascades. You can contact the office of the institute and request a call, or complete the request form.

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    Cash Assistance

    The culture of helping and helping each other is rooted in the Iranian people’s religion, tradition and culture, which Master Sokhan Saadi makes so long ago.،

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    Congratulations and congratulations

    Send your greetings or condolences to your friends by sending these stats and accompany your friends Recovering the health of children with cancer.

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    Atefah Fellowship Fellowship is committed to helping our colleagues by focusing on attracting the attention of charity with the help of the invaluable goal of supporting children with cancer..

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    Kindly market

    Affectioners of the Atefeh Falls participated in these assemblies,، In the context of the current support for children with cancer Set In this way, they will support the children and the Atefeh Waterfall Institute.

– No one is helping the poor –

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