29 تیر, 1398

Prohibition of collecting money by charities on the streets

Director General of the Office for Development and Supervision of NGO Centers and NGOs of the Organization for Welfare said in an interview with ISNA, pointing out that collecting popular donations on the streets with the claim of having a license from the Welfare Organization of the country is a violation of the law, said the police and the Ministry of Intelligence and other devices We have asked the supervisor to immediately inform us of the charity number immediately wherever they happened.

Heidari’s world, saying that these cases have been proclaimed well and after the inquiry revealed that the organization is not affiliated with the welfare organization, added: “One of the problems with the issuance of charitable certificates is the occurrence of such problems. Indeed, multiplicity in licensing has led charities and centers to claim that they have obtained their permission from one of the institutions and that their authorization is strictly followed up.

Director General of the Office for the Development and Supervision of NGO Centers and NGOs of the Organization for the Welfare of the Indigenous People, pointing out that no charity or NGO has received permission to receive assistance from the people of the city at the moment, stated that no institution affiliated to the welfare state Under no circumstances will it be allowed to stop the people on the street. If such information is reported to us and the institution is owned by us, immediately the license of the institution will be void.

Heydari stated that last year’s reports of welfare were highlighted: “Among the last year’s reports, only one was about an institution that had been revoked four years ago by the same name, and this time by raising funds, The system was introduced to the judiciary.

He further commented on the process of granting permits to affiliated organizations of the Welfare Organization of the country: “Applicants after applying for a permit, we must first explain their objectives according to the basis of the law, and after registering the members and the purposes, the information will be provided to the relevant deputy director for Certainly, this process is not timely and is fast.

Director General of the Office of Development and Supervision of NGO Centers and NGOs of the Welfare Organization continued: After approving this information, we immediately put the licensing process on the agenda of the commission. Article 26 Commission has members that determine the provincial or national license for the charity. After the approval of the commission, safeguard requests, submissions, etc., are reviewed and then sent to the Registry Office, before this stage the Board of Trustees and the founding board should convene a general assembly and appoint members of the board so that we also To confirm.

Heydari continued to comment on the Code of Conduct on the Promotion and

Recruitment of Affiliated Affiliates: Recently, we revised the Code of Conduct for the Promotion and Recruitment of Funds of Bodies, and removed the cumbersome rules. However, the removal of these rules with regard to upstream laws such as the Commission The assembly of the assembly and the rules and the deregulation, but at the same time we became more precise in enforcing the remaining rules and from the very beginning we entered into the supervision. We try to act so much so that less error can occur

“When we give permission, the institutions also have obligations to us,” he continued. There is a questionnaire on turnover and quarterly performance of these institutions. Also, we have been counting charities well into the form of a year ago, and institutions that do not operate in accordance with their license and whose performance does not fit into their license will be immediately questioned; of course, the institutions licensed to us are usually immediately Wealth is being used and we are attracting them to serve our target community.

The Director General of the Office for the Development and Supervision of NHS Centers of the Welfare Organization stated: The Welfare Organization is one of the institutions that is due to the Commission’s Article 26, which relates to the regulation of part of the financial regulations of the state, which immediately renders it in case of violation of the Commission’s revocation To form the institution and bring it to the Commission and cancel it, while at the Ministry of the Interior or elsewhere, the permission of these offending institutions must be deregistered by the judiciary, but we have this tool. One of the reasons why NGOs and charities affiliated with the Welfare Organization are less violent is also something we can easily deal with.

Referring to the start of the ranking of charitable organizations and NGO organizations affiliated with the Welfare Organization, Heidari said: “We have extracted all ranking indices, and if the institution goes out of the way, it should return to its original direction. The rating measure is that if the institution does not reach our desired level, we will invite the relevant person to provide the explanation and the institute will align itself with our goals.

According to him, the time for extending permits for charitable organizations has been limited, although this time has already been defined unrestrictedly, but this limitation also causes obstacles to renewal of charities if the indices are not guaranteed. We try to put in place intelligent monitoring and, as far as possible, launch a “self-regulatory” plan. Several systems have been designed in this regard, one of which is called the Dadur system, which is being completed. The Welfare Organization database is also being completed and all our statistics are being updated.

Director General of the Office for the Development and Supervision of NGO Centers and NGOs of the Welfare Organization continued: The financial plan of the institutions is also being clarified, so that by setting up a system, it will be determined which sources of funding have been spent on the institutions, and this information is completely It will be available to people. People can help with a system that will be operational soon and understand what spending on every charity is spent. We have been under construction for less than a year and have coordinated with the Parliament, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and our own information system.

Heidari stressed that the process has begun to reach people and will be touchable within the next three months and will be fully updated within the next six months.

In response to a question about the Welfare Organization’s oversight mechanisms

to prevent charities from entering into misconduct such as money laundering, one of the reasons for these violations is that the licensing authorities do not monitor these issues, but affiliated institutions seek continuous monitoring They are less likely to follow these things. It is impossible for anyone to obtain permission from the institute, and several of his actions will not be subject to welfare supervision, or they will not be used by their welfare in the time required, such as the occurrence of accidents.

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